Sunday, Sunday La-la, la-la, la-la-la-la

What a lazy day!

Wonderful? Yes? No? Boring? Exciting?

Not sure what to make of today. Dull, overcast, no specific tasks in mind.

Breakfast took the usual two hours plus for me. (I’m not French or Italian and we are not even talking about lunch. I wonder how long lunch would take with this attitude.)

How you may ask?

Well, I’m not a lie in person as some I know.

So getting up at 7, following ablutions, I find myself at the breakfast bar waiting for the rest of my family to awake.

All alone, I find I need to talk to someone. Oh yes, I remember.

“Hey, Google! Good morning!”

The little round speaker spurts out a whole host of responses and starts playing a track from one of my playlists.

Ah, at least Google is up. Does she never sleep.

Google confirms its six degrees outside, overcast and windy. Can’t confirm the temperature outside but hey, it’s a lovely 21 inside.

Time for tea I think, my first of two for breakfast.

Then I recall I have some painting left to do, as the whole house has been invaded by various builders (now on first name terms mind you) who have been poking around fixing, upgrading and installing over the past two years.

God, when will this end!

A ping from a friend confirms our evening meal on Tuesday and a visit to Showcase.

Oh dear, time is almost ten.

The roller awaits…

So its 2020

2020 has arrived and even a couple of months in I find myself wondering about what to do?

Due to some newly acquainted friends, I say newly, some have been with me since early part of last year.

Anyway, I have started to ride a bike, which having not ridden since the last century, I found myself enjoying the “exercise”.

To me exercise stinks, not literally of course, although you could say too much exercise can lead to an aromatic existence.

The push required to get into the saddle varies day to day and can challenge my procrastination.

One or two excuses spring to mind:

  • Weather looks bad;
  • I’d rather binge watch;
  • This sofa is so comfy;
  • I think I’ll have another cup of tea (fifth one already and its only 11am);
  • It’ll soon be lunchtime, I think I’ll go later;
  • Actually, I’ll go tomorrow;
  • Perhaps I should just go for drive, nice comfy environment and my very own playlist to listen to with heart thumping bass;
  • I can’t find my helmet (no rude remarks please);

Well, perhaps more than one or two.

My phone pings “Do you fancy going for a bike ride, the weather’s lovely” I read.  Mmmm, it looked rather overcast I thought, with some dark clouds appearing over the horizon (actually it was my eyelids closing while on the sofa).

Anyway “Bike ride, I reply. What a good idea” (I have to appear willing, otherwise I will have no friends left).

“Where are we going?”

“Just for a circular trip”

“Can we stop for coffee somewhere?”


“Great, lets go”

“Oh dear, the heavens have opened. I think I’ll take the car.”